Services Offered By Janitor

janitorial services in Richmond, VA

The janitor is also known as a cleaner. But if you are one of those sensitive readers, you may also find the job categorization a bit derogatory. Nevertheless, there certainly is no shame in being a cleaner, particularly if you are a professional cleaner. Indeed, being a janitor might also be a bit of a step up the ladder if you will. The janitor is usually given more responsibilities over a client’s property that goes beyond just doing cleaning work. Which is perhaps also why he is sometimes referred to as a custodian.

He takes custody of the client’s property, and it is usually a huge undertaking if the property is a large complex. Here then is a brief account of what janitorial services in Richmond, VA may entail. You do begin with the cleaning work. The janitor would usually work odd hours or in shifts to accommodate his client’s work hours. Basic cleaning tasks attended to are usually the floors and the client’s restrooms.

In regard to the public use restrooms, it is best to have a janitor assigned to this area almost on a permanent basis. Or at least have supervisory control over a specialist cleaning team assigned to this humble yet noble task. Who really, in their right minds would wish to clean up human mess of this magnitude. And yet it is just so necessary. It is necessary to ensure that the public restroom remains clean and sanitized throughout the day.

You have already seen what conditions are like these days. Nevertheless, and up to a point, the presiding janitor would be the first to report to the property owner where repairs may be required. Up to a point, he may even have the capacity to do some of these repairs himself.